1. Should we respect other´s habitudes, however cruel they may seem from the point of view of our own values?

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From my point of view, we should respect other´s habitudes always that those habitudes are respectful with us and with society.
Normally, people sharing culture have common values, that helpsthem/us to behave. However, this values may change at some point and it is then when this problem may appear. Values are related with human condition and with truth. Since there is not one truth foreverybody, except for the correct understanding of reality, there are some points where we can be “lost”.
For example, in our society, it is easy to agree that murder is not correct, we do not respect amurderer. We should and do respect, people by their gender, race, eye color etc, but problems come when things stop being essential. This question can be relative talking about accidental concerns.When things can be decided by the subject, things that are subjective, ethics can be relative.
The way in which each of us behaves is what creates our own essence and this, from my point of view, thisessence should always be respected, if your habits are respectful with others. That is the reason why we should accept and respect people from different cultures and why we do not accept murderers.In terms of respect between different religions or between atheism and religion things can vary. There are some people or groups such as LGTB communities that are not respected by others that normallybase this unrespectful thought on their religion, in our case Catholicism. From my point of view, this is not an argument, due to the values of this religion, in which our society base theirs. One ofthe basics of this religion is to respect everybody no matter what. One can agree or disagree in one or another aspect or habit, but from my point of view everybody deserves to be respected, as Isaid before if the habitude is respectful with others. So to sum up with this example, I cannot understand why nowadays there is still people that is not able to respect others because of their sexual...
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