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Name: ________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

I. Read the letters and then answer the questions.

Juarez 85 // Oaxaca, Oax. Mexico // June 16

Dear Heather,
I’m very excited about my trip. I’m also nervous. I’ve never been out of my country before. Could you give in the winter. Should I bring a heavy coat? Also, would you like me to bringyou anything from Mexico? My sister sells silver jewelry. Do you like silver?
I’ll be arriving on Flight 24 from Chicago at around 11 at night. My parents will drive me from Oaxaca to Puebla. Then I’ll fly from Puebla to Houston. I change planes in Houston for Chicago and then change again to fly to Madison. It’s going to be a long trip.
Love, Maria.

4584 Maple Street // Madison, WI // June 25Dear Maria,
Don’t be nervous. Everything will be fine. Also, don’t bring a coat or even a sweater. It’s very hot in Madison in the summer. Just bring shorts and some light blouses.
Thanks for offering to bring me something. You really don’t have to, but I love silver.
You’re going to have a long day. We’ll be waiting for you at the airport. My little sister Ann is very excited. She’s evenpracticing her Spanish.
See you soon.
Love, Heather.

1 What’s the weather like in Madison in the summer? ___________________________
2 What does Maria want to give Heather as a gift? ___________________________
3 How many flights is Maria going to have to take to get to Madison? __________________________
4 Why is Maria nervous about the trip? ___________________________
5 Who is Ann?___________________________

II. Complete the conversation in a logical way.

A Tell me about Christmas in your family. 1 _____________________________________?
B We used to go to my grandmother’s house early on Christmas Eve.
A 2 _____________________________________?
B We used to wear warm clothes because her house was always cold.
A 3 _____________________________________?
B We used tohave dinner together and then we opened our gifts.
A 4 _____________________________________?
B No, we never sang songs. My grandmother couldn’t sing very well.
A 5 _____________________________________?
B Turkey and ham. There always was a lot of food.

III. Circle the correct words or phrases.

I don’t understand my sister and her husband. 1 Them both / Both of them / Them neither havegood jobs, but 2 neither of them / them both / both of them is ambitious but they always have a lot of money. I’ve seen it 3 me / myself / herself. Last week I went shopping with them. 4 Neither of them / Them neither / Both of them bought hundreds of dollars of new clothes. They even bought 5 themselves / themself / them new leather jackets. I guess they know how to manage their money.

IV.Complete this conversation in a logical way.

Person A (Alex) wants to keep the conversation going. Person B (Betty) isn’t interested.

A Hi, I’m Alex. 1 __________________________? (new here)
B No, I’m not. 2 __________________________ (for years).
A Oh, I see you’re reading The Da Vinci Code. I read that. 3 __________________________? (good)
B Not really. 4 __________________________. Ireally can’t talk now because
5 __________________________.

V. Match the words and phrases.

___ 1 exchanging a rope
___ 2 jumping b off fireworks
___ 3 lighting c jokes
___ 4 setting d gifts
___ 5 telling e candles

VI. Complete this conversation in a logical way. Use the words in parentheses.

A Excuse me. Could you 1 ________________________ (where / library)?
B Sure.It’s over there, across from the park. You’re new here,
2 _________________________ (you)?
A Yes, 3 ________________________ (exchange student).
B You speak English very well. Where are you from?
A 4 ________________________ (New Zealand).
B Really? 5 ________________________ (which language / speak) in New Zealand?
A We speak English just like you do.
VII. Put the conversation in the...
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