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1. Write the correct form of the verbs in parentheses to complete the sentences below.
Check auxiliaries and verbs tenses.

I _____ (call) you last night and you ____ (be) not at home
Where ______ you _____ (go) last night?
Yesterday, when we ______ (finish) school, it was _____ (rain)
When the fairy _____ (appear), the princess _____already ______ (go)
He ______ (can not) believe that he _____ (win) the writing contest.
Why _____ you ______ (smile) when you saw me?
The fairies _______ (be) dancing and singing in the garden, but no one could _____ (see) them, only me!
I thought that you _______ (not find) the book yet, so I _____ (buy) it for you.

2. Read the situations and complete the sentences in past perfectusing by and already (use your imagination).
Exp: I arrived to my home late last night to watch T.V. but I can’t watched my favorite program.

By the time I turned on the T.V. my favorite program had already finished.

I had to catch a train, but it took me longer than expected to get to the station.

I saw two men who were trying to steal a car. I called the police but they arrived late.

Aman escaped from prison last night. It was long time before the guard discovered what happened.

3. Do they take an infinitive or a gerund?

I do not want _____ during rush hour (drive)
Bill never says much, but he seems _____ his new job. (Enjoy)
I promise _____ you a postcard from Japan. (Send)
We’ve all missed _____ Mr. Taylor since he retired (see)
I really _______ I´d rather takethe train (fly)

4. Read the following article and answer the questions below

Richard loves to dance and he goes dancing often Margaret is opposite. She says she can´t dance maybe that´s true she says people always laugh at her when she dance but is it possible that there´s another reason? Maybe she´s afraid to dance when you dance you usually have to touch another person, your partnermaybe Margaret is uncomfortable with touching many people like dancing for its closeness they like the waltz the two step the fox trot, and similar dances because they can be close to their partner other people like to dance in groups
They enjoy the group spirit in line dances square dances and folk dances in these dances touching your partner isn´t very important. Working as a group is Richardlikes dance with specific steps like the tango he also likes free dances with no specific steps like rock many people prefer free dances because they allow them to express their individuality

a. Does Richard love to dance____________
b. What does Margaret say that people do when she dances_____________
c. Is Margaret comfortable with touching__________
d. Why do many people preferfree dances ____________
e. One example of free dance is ( rock / the tango)
f. An example of close dance is (group dance / the waltz)
g. Line dances are (group dances / close dances)
h. An example of a dance with specific steps is ( the tango / a free dance)

5. Conversation with an inventor

First day on the job

Dr Dean: o.k. Amy here´s your desk and this is yourcomputer
Amy: oh it´s nice thanks wow what´s that on your lab table?
Dr Dean: it´s my invention I’m still working on it
Amy: who are those people?
Dr Dean.: They is students. Right now you are looking at a history class. Look.
The teacher is writing a date on the board.
Amy: Oh, it’s a security system.
Dr. Dean: No it isn't. And it is not e1ectrical. It’s similar to a crystal ball.Amy: A crystal ball? You’re kidding. That´s magic.
Dr Dean: No Amy its not it’s real. Test lt. Give a name a location.
Amy: How about Bob Mercer at Luigi's? He is working there right now
Dr. - Dean: perfect look
Amy: That's incredible. There he is. And he's making pizza, too. Wow/ what a fantastic invention

Mark the following statements true (T) or false (f).

a. Amy' s...
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