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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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The abortion should be legal, because the embarrassments in some occasions, they are produced by violations in women, and this not seriousembarrassment caused with the desire to have a son, and in this manner the best serious solution to resort to the abortion, because the fetus or embryo wouldhave genes of his father (violator) and the boy in the future would be able to develop the same conducts that his father, if he is not tried adequate.Besides in this situation, the woman would be able to feel impotence upon seeing her son, and by this reason the boy would not be unfolding anadequate life

- Also he would owe legal, so that the institutions that carried out these possible abortions, they had better quality, not alone sanitary,but so that also they had a better service in mental aid, in this way they would support the women sicológicamente in the possible symptoms thatdeveloped in the future as are impotence, negation, depression, etc.

- It should be been worth, because from time to time, adolescents exist (underage) that do not want to give in adoption to their son, and do neither they want to raise them for if same, because in that phase of their life they arestudying, does not have economic resources, there is not support offered by their parents neither family, neither couple, or also these adolescentsdo not want to give birth their son, because they have other projects to future. - The women has the right to have and to exercise its own decision
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