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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2010
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Nowadays, a great rate of pregnancies exists in teenagers who in several occasions resort to medicines to abort or to prevent that the zygote canimplant in the counterfoil. In the same way, there exist surgical procedures used by women who take more time in deciding if they must abort or not. But, some scientists affirm that both ways areharmful for the health of the woman and can be very dangerous not only causing damages to the organs of the woman but also it can cause the death. Considering this, is it better to abort and to assume therisks that it carries or to have a son and acquire a responsibility for the whole life?

The word abortion comes from the Latin abortus that means "opposite to being born". Abortion is defined asthe interruption of the development of the fetus during the pregnancy, before this one has reached twenty weeks. After this time, the completion of the pregnancy before the childbirth is called apre-ended birth.

There exist several types of abortion like for example:

Spontaneous abortion: it happens when an embryo or a fetus dies, due to natural reasons, before the twentieth week ofdevelopment.

Induced abortion: it is provoked with the intention of eliminating the fetus in different social and legal contexts, with or without medical assistance.

Therapeutic abortion: it is the onethat is justified by medical reasons like for example for saving the life of the mother when the continuation of the pregnancy mean a serious risk for her life, to save the physical or mental health ofthe mother when it is threatened by the pregnancy, to avoid the birth of a child with a congenital or genetic serious disease that is fatal or that condemns he to very serious disabilities.Selective abort: is realized when the pregnancy is the result of a crime of violation.

Chemical abortion: it consists in the interruption of the development of the embryo and his elimination induced by...
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