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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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(Sports, a way of life)

MAY, 2011
Sometimes we might think that sports are just for the people who have time for them or wants to dedicate it’s life forit, but, how many times a day are we involved in sports?, surely we can’t deny it, sports are part of our way of living. At mornings before breakfast, when we wake up the first thing is stretch ourmuscles, preparing them for the day, it’s like getting warm for the daily action that will conform our “sport routine”, simply things like walking to the store or going swimming to a pool .

A sportis an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means, strictly speaking "sport" byitself refers to some physical activity no matters what that implies action and movement. Non-competitive activities may also qualify, for example though jogging or playing catch are usually classified asforms of recreation, they may also be informally called "sports" due to their similarity to competitive games.

Yes, in the context of life, sports aren't that important.
There are marriages,anniversaries, birthdays, family emergencies, national tragedies and holidays.
All are a time to celebrate or mourn, cherish or regret.
What makes sports and athletics great is that it is a distractionfrom everyday problems,
just go home or somewhere with a television and there will be a game on.

For three hours or so, people can quit worrying about paying bills, writing endless college papersor attending meetings upon meetings.
That's what makes sports so compelling and unique. Its normal people who wake up, brush their teeth and eat breakfast just like the person working from nine tofive. The only difference is maybe the athlete whose has a 40-inch vertical jump while the office worker has about, oh, a two-inch vertical leap.

What it does have is real, compelling drama and can...
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