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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Universidad Mariano Gálvez De Guatemala
Facultad De Humanidades
Escuela De Idiomas
Licenciatura en la Enseñanza del Idioma Inglés con Especialización en Tecnología Educativa
Examen Privado –Área Práctica
Instructora: Licda. Silvia Sowa de Monterroso

The process of accreditation of educational institutions or careers that incorporate technology

Educational accreditation isa type of quality assurance process under which services and operations educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to determine if applicable standards are met.
The accreditation process and criteria had become increasingly prescriptive, inhibiting development of innovative programs to reflect changing needs of practice. The incorporation of technology in theeducational field has brought many benefits to the teaching and learning process and this should be supported by this.

The content of this project provides information in the following aspects:
* Accreditation process definition
* Fields
* Components
* Requirements and standards in accreditation of educational fields specially when incorporating technology in the teaching process* Commissions of evaluation

The project is presented into an educational institution, in order to get users into different classroom environments that let them to feel like if they were in a real life situation. Each environment guides them to an interactive scene in which the information is presented in different schemes using important details to get the audience attention.

In thiseducational institution project, every user has the freedom to navigate from the main menu to other scenes and get back, as well as to stop, play and rewind each simulation and test knowledge about the topic through an evaluation test at the end.

General Objective
To create a personalized multimedia project with the components required, through the use of an authoring system program andhardware tools in order to present information about the process of accreditation in educational institutions or careers that incorporate technology.

Specific Objectives
* To develop academic skills through the development of a multimedia project.
* To apply the Assure Model in order to plan, create, test and evaluate the whole project following a structure



1. Analyze the audience: Licda. Sowa. |
I analyzed the way the teacher likes to design multimedia projects. So it was the basis for me to start a multimedia project that could fulfill the teacher expectations as well as her established parameters. |
2. State objectives |
* General objectiveI stated the general objective taking into account thetopic and the general features that the teacher described in the written assignment * Specific objectivesI stated the specific objectives which were derived from the general but in a more specific way. |
3. Select methods, media and material |
It was one of the most difficult things, to get all the material needed to start my project, I mean looking for them and trying to look for theones that could match with the correct extensions. |
4. Utilize media and materials |
Utilizing media and material was not easy first of all the information had to be organized, after that the creation of relation of content, and creating templates, button, and importing images.Another important aspect was recording my own voice and the insertion of sound and videos and of course and slideshow of my own. |
5. Require users participation |
* Asking my family and friends to interact with it |
6. Evaluate and revise |
* Testing buttons, scenes, links, videos and taking into account the contrast of colors and comparing with every single aspect that the teacher required in her written assignment, and finally making some changes. * Presenting the project to the...