Adam smith

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Adam Smith

1.- Introduction
Why I have choosen Adam Smith
Why is he a Scottisth Famous
Why is considered one of the first economist.
What I'm going to explain in the project.
2.- Live, Bibliography
Books he writes. Economics, philosofy.Wealth of Nations. (Small explanation)Adam Smith considered the capitalism like the natural force to the development of the economy, which he explained in his main work as the "laissez faire".
Influence in our present sistem, the capitalism.

1.- Introduction.

I have tried Adam Smith as my "Scottish Famous" for three mainly reasons. Firstly, I think is oneof the Scottish person who has influenced more to our presents lifes, maybe mainly in the USA and Europe. Smith was a genious, very advanced to his epoque. From my point of view, without him or without his work our History had been very different and as a result our lifes. The Economy affects all our lifes, for instances our works, the policys, our social care... Another reason is that I havelearned about his work and his life in my studies, then it might be easier for me to make this project. Finally, is very interesting for me to try to do a project with some economics vocabulary and expression for be able to learn and to use this type of vocabulary, that I expect some day I can use to keep my studies or in my future work.

Two centurys after his die, Adam Smith still considered formany people as the most important figure of the Economy. His famous work "Inquiry of the nature causes of the Wealth of Nations" explained perfectly the spirit of our modern capitalism. He had presented a theoric justification, which inspired the XIX economists and still inspiring the nowadays defenders of the free market. Nowadays, Adam Smith is studied around the world, in all the economists,law and Philosophy universities and even in many High Schools. A lot of people consider him like the father of the actual economy and like the economy as a Science. In the time of Smith economics was only a branch of philosophy, like many others sciences. Smith is considered the first professional economist and the father of the classical school. In a short time his book The wealth of Nations"was on all the librarys of the politicians and economists of the XIX century in the United Kingdon and another countrys as, a guide of the economic comportment. His work has influenced a lot of important people and projects, such as Malthus, David Ricardo, Mill, Keynes, Marx, Engels and the American Founding Fathers.
In this small work about this big person, I want to try to explain a fewabout Smith's life, and work. Firstly to introduce the reader into Adam Smith I explain a few of his life and his studies. In the second part I want to try to explain a few of his work. It's imposible to explain any complet Theory but I want to try to explain briefly his books and his main ideas to make close the figure of Adam Smith to the reader. To end this project I want to make a briefconclusion.


The First years and the education.

Adam Smith was born in 1723, the exact date is unknowed, at Kirclady, Scotland. His father has died before he was born. Aproximately at the age of 4 years, he was kidnaped by a band of Gypsies, who are know in sotland by the name of tinkers. He was soon rescue by his aunt. However, except of thishis childhood was a quiet life. His constitution in his infancy was infirm and sickly. Since very young Smith stand out by his passion for the books and his extraordinary memory. At the age of 14 he finished the school and he begans his studies at Glasgow University, studying moral philosofy. He studied with Francis Hutcheson*, "the never to be forgotten" as Smith called him. In 1740 he...
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