Adiccion al tabaco

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Ana Farias
ENG 112
Dr. Neal

Tobacco Addiction

Before start writing my paper I have been researching a little bit, trying to get some data and I have realized that the problem is more serious that what I thought. We live in a world thinking that nothing can happen to us. Some people think that they are immortals. I have seeing that without noticing the cigarette is killing us, and Iinclude myself because there are a lot of passive smokers that have died because of the cigarette.
The nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known. Researchers said that when the nicotine is combined with a cigarette, contracts an addiction that is hard to break. Of every 1,000 preventable deaths 1 is because of illegal drugs, 2 AIDS, 20 traffic accidents, and 150 of tobacco. Peopleincreasingly are starting to smoke at a very young age. But, how are they not going to smoke, if their friends do it and they think that they look older with a cigarette in their hands. What we need to do is to eliminate all this symbolism that cigarettes bring, that you look older smoking and not like a child anymore.
We have to fight to change this type of messages. A lot of people think that toprevent children to smoke, it should be changed the age of the tobacco consumption. Even doing that, there are vending machines in some countries that provide cigarettes and nobody controls who is buying them. In the last decades, the number of women that smoke has increased compared with men. Because of this, the number of people dying of cancer has increased.
I think there are more smoker women everytime because they grow up and mature earlier. They also hang around with older people that smoke. A lot of people smoke because they are nervous, stressed out, or just having a bad day. There are other that smoke to take away the anxiety or after a food. The cigarette has also become a habit for the smoker; this means that they haven’t finished a cigarette when they are turning on another one.The tobacco is one of the most studied contaminant product to determine their effects on the health of a person. It had been said that 20% and 30% of the population in the United States have died because of the tobacco consume. It has also been discovered that in middle age smokers the lung cancer is 10 times more visible. The smoking habit is not only associated with lung cancer, but also withlips cancer, tongue, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, and bladder; even more with heart diseases. It can also cause respiratory problems such as bronchitis and emphysemas.
The risk for people to get the illnesses already mentions are according to the way that the tobacco is consumed. The people that live with others that smoke are also in risk to get that kind of cancer. Lab experiments also determinedthat the smoke of a cigarette can cause skin cancer to animals and other types of cancer. We don’t have to be smokers to be affected by the cigarette smoke. A person can seat beside a smoker and absorb all the smoke.
The easiest way to stop smoking is to simply stop smoking from one day to other. The smoker that says that is going to stop smoking slowly is always destined to fail. It is alwaysgoing to have to deal with the other cigarettes that are holding on its hand, and the need to smoke increase every time. The way that the person sees the cigar has to change, he/she has to become more active, walk more, eat better and drink a lot of water.
Some of the reasons to stop smoking are to save money, the people around you will be more relieve because of having fresh air. To have ahealthy heart and less risk to suffer of cancer, to get rid of the smell of the smoke that stays on the clothes. To get a healthy skin and hair, between many other positive reasons that you will not regret.
I think the state should do campaigns against tobacco just as they do for drugs. People should think more about the problems that this bring not just to them, but also to the people that...
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