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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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Drug Addiction

Drug abuse doesn’t only affect the person abusing it, but also everyone around them. Many families right now are fighting with one or morefamily members to try to overcome this problem. “I think that’s one of the toughest things that a mother could go through”. One of the biggest way in whichdrug abuse affects families is the creation of an unstable environment. Family looses trust, credibility, and even respect. Drugs can affect the way familymembers act, talk and even care for each other. All of their actions can have long-lasting effects on others in the household, especially young children whogrow up with drug abusers as role models. These effects can include the child following in the abuser's footsteps, especially if they have never seen what afunctional family should look like. Drug abusing is also a free entrance of violence in a home, due to the fact that drugs affect directly the brain making youmake decisions you wouldn’t normally make. Other family member should help the abuser overcome all those barriers and become a better person. “I helped him,gave him support, love, and a house because he was under-aged”. My grandmother is a perfect example of this misfortune because that only didn’t just break herfamily apart but it broke her too. The distrust a family creates for this type of issue is extremely harsh. Because the desperation the victims has to obtainthose substances make him do things he/she wouldn’t normally do, and even act in a violent manner toward those who loves them and are just trying to help them.
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