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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2010
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Nucor should partner up with other American steel companies to create a political movement. Nucor and other U.S steel companies need to work closely to politically influence a strictpolicy for steel imports. International imports has become the major issue for American steel companies cutting business and decreasing manufacturing in the U.S. Nucor and American steel companies canno longer compete with international prices and it is putting the industry in a devastating position. Nucor and the American steel industry need to act quickly to prevent future issues like dumpingsteel at prices below cost. To confront the international companies and governments that play a part of these illegal actions, the U.S Government needs to penalize by raising tariffs on imported steeland other imported goods for those countries that perform unfair practices. This will help the World Trade Organization (WTO) and U.S International Trade Commission (ITC) to act quickly and penalizeinternational companies for affecting the steel market in United States. This movement will benefit the United States economy and the steel market by creating more jobs and relying less on internationalmanufacturing and steel imports. A united steel industry in the United States can also work together to have lower competitive prices forcing international companies out of the U.S market. Thepolitical movement needs to reach international governments attention to demonstrate the seriousness of the issue to prevent affecting the steel market in United States.
Nucor should acquire or mergewith companies like US Steel and AK Steel Group to increase steel production and gain a larger market share. Merging will be good for Nucor because they can learn from these mergers, improve plantefficiency keep production cost low and overall improve its cost structures. Merging opportunities will allow Nucor to increase its production facilities and expand its business to more countries...
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