Administracion estrategica

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Professor: Dr. Julio A. Garibay, DBA
Email: or
Phone: Work (IBM): +001-858-578-9076 (Emergencies)
Course Number: AD 500
Course Title: StrategicManagement (Administración Estratégica)
Course Website: Blackboard
All course requirements, resources, postings, and communication areavailable at this web resource.
Days: January 28-29, February 11-12 & 25-26, March 11-12
Time 6:00 - 10 p.m.
Classroom: 312

I. Rationale:This course is designed to expose the MBA students to a wide range of strategic management thinkers and contributors. The selected textbook has a heavy emphasis on the works of Igor Ansoff and thiscourse will round out the students’ knowledge of the major contributors and schools of thought in the field. There is a particular emphasis on how strategic management evolved as a field over thelast 45 years.

Seminar Approach. The approach taken is primarily discussional. You will be expected to read the assigned materials, evaluate their theoretical contribution to strategic management(e.g., domain, structure, scope) and be prepared to enter into a lively discussion on their theoretical merits (e.g., contribution to a better understanding of the reality of strategic management aspresently conceived).

Required Text:
Lewis, A., Kipley, D. Corporate Strategy: The Ansoffian School New York: Pearson 2009: ISBN-10: 055-8199267.

The Academy of Management provides thefollowing definition of the field of strategic management:

Domain Statement of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management

The division is interested in "the roles andproblems of general managers - those who manage multibusiness firms or multi-functional business units. Major topics include: strategy formulation and implementation; strategic planning and decision...
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