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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2012
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ELISET: Hi how are you


ELISET: I`m doing fine

SUSEYRI: she is Alejandra


ELISET: Nice to mee youELISET: Do you like to take a coffee

SUSEYRI: Yes, thank you


ELISET: Suseyri How was your work this week?

SUSEYRI:I was very tired on Monday I went to Canada

I had a meeting to close a deal with a major costumer

I had to Wash my T-Shirt because itwas stained with a little of salsa.

When I went back home on Tuesday, I Washes the dishes because the trip was unexpected.

Thefollowing days I prepared the report about the trip and the closed deal.

ALEJANDRA: I had to take care of the Sisters, because the baby sisterwas sick and

I had to wash the dishes

I laundry the clothes

I also bath to my dog

I cleaned the carpets and in the afternoons Iwent to the University and then I made my home work.

I expect a lot the weekend for my Spanish class for do something diferent .

And youEliset how often the typical week

ELISET: The Monday I arrived late to my office, all the days I have to leave home so early because thetraffic is unbelievable.

In the afternoons I have to run to the bus to go at the University but today I had a good time with you.

What doyou think if some day we don´t come to class and go to the mall to buy an ice cream.


ALEJANDRA: sure, that sounds fun
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