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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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The vaccine

A vaccine is a drug which is obtained from a microorganism. When administered to a healthy person, makes your body produce defenses against it. If in the future this person came intocontact with the organism against which it has been vaccinated, the defenses would protect and not suffer the disease.

Una vacuna es un medicamento que se obtiene a partir de un microorganismo.Cuando se administra a una persona sana, hace que su cuerpo produzca defensas contra éste. Si en un futuro esta persona entrase en contacto con el microorganismo contra el cual ha estado vacunada, lasdefensas lo protegerían y no padecería la enfermedad.

Vaccine heartbreak,
hit the market what everyone was waiting to give no more pain to your heart and all your sorrows are eliminated. AdvancedFormula with us completely forgets that person and all the moments, memories and things to live with her. is a vaccine that acts at the time and instantly, he finally ran out of tears by spite.
Llego almercado lo que todos estaban esperando para no darle más dolor a tu corazón y que todas tus penas se eliminen. Con la formula avanzada de hacernos olvidar por completo esa persona y todos losmomentos, recuerdos y cosas que vivimos junto a ella. es una vacuna que actúa en el momento y al instante, por fin se acabaron las lágrimas por el despecho.

Geraldine giraldo

I noticed that yourboyfriend was cheating with your best friend. after you spent so much time with him, and gave him a large part of your life. I know now not talk to nobodies or comment about it because your mom told me,.knowing that you were always so nice and friendly to everyone, strange that in you today. I feel a great appreciation for you, we have shared many things since we were little and it hurts to see yourhappiness this shattered by this man. I'm going to recommend the new vaccine heartbreak, its main effect is to make you completely erase the image of your former partner, memories and moments we lived...
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