Advantage or disadvantage

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Advantage or disadvantage

Women from birth are teached to be the ones that have to be nice, the good girls, the ones that can’t say bad words and so. But actually when women get older and becometo interact with the men figure we can say that this perspective automatically changes and that’s when women realize that being nice all time could implicate showing the other you debilities. When wesay a woman is nice person we refer specifically to the treat she can give to others how she interacts around other people. The ladylike side we can direct it more to her manners towards that peopleshe is interacting with. And this is what every man and even other women expect from a women, her being nice, like a lady.
But what happens when others take advantage of this behavior? What to peopledo, they tend to abuse of it and that’s were trouble comes. When we talk about the personal side, in relation with friends, partners and even family being the nice one implicates being the one thatpeople don’t mess with. Or worst the one that your friends and even family are going to abuse of. So we can say that in personal life experience with people you already know it can be kind of both. Itcan be an advantage because you are the one people want to be around and stuff just for being nice. Also when you are getting to know a guy, guys usually go for that nice girl that’s different fromthe others. But like everything in life it also can be a very big disadvantage. When you built trust with the ones you know, they can be very astute in were to hit you. Let’s say you there is this girlin a family that everyone knows as the nice girl. They know that if they ask you a favor you won’t say no, so in that case being always the nice girl, the ladylike the model to fallow is not thatgood.
But what about in the professional matter, in work? In work is a total disadvantage being the nice/ladylike partner. Why? That questions answers by itself. In many job places they have more than...
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