Advantages and disadvantages of nexus

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Advantages and disadvantages of nexus

After surfed on Nexus I identify some advantages and disadvantages. I´m going to start with the advantages: the first advantage is that we can send ourhomework in an easy way, a second advantage is that is very easy to use, another advantage is that nexus has a calendar with the assignments due dates. The third advantage is that you can send messages toyour classmates. The last advantage is that all the assignments are explained well. The disadvantages that I think Nexus has are: the first is that you can´t change your photo and maybe some classmateswon´t know who you are, they only know who you are physically and don´t know your name and they want to send you a message.

1. Any computer system that is designed for use by a single person?R= personal computers PC

2. Are used in large organizations such as insurance companies and banks, where many people frequently need to use the same data?
R= mainframe computers

3. Setof instructions that makes the computer perform tasks?
R= Software

4. Mechanical devices that make up the computer?
R= Hardware

5. Specialized chips which are slivers of silicon or othermaterial etched with many tiny electronic circuits?
R= microprocessors

6. One or more sets of chips that store data and/ or program instructions, either temporarily or permanently?
R= memory7. Tells the computer how to use its own components?
R= operating system

8. Was created in 1989 as a method for incorporating footnotes, figures, and cross-references into onlinedocuments?
R= World Wide Web

9. Provide an easy way to manage large collections of data, which can include text files, pictures, sounds, movies, and more?
R= Hypertext

10. Is a softwareapplication designed to find hypertext documents on the Web and then open the documents on the user´s computer?
R= Web Browser

11. Is a system for exchanging messages through a computer network?
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