Advantages and disadvantages of gym

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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People go to a gym always have the same expectations they want to achieve, which generally cover the type of machinery, appropriate programs, trained staff andaccessibility, as well as good times and comfort and adaptability to everyone's schedule ...

Therefore, in addition to all Fitness machinery required, it should provide the physical environment andstaff trained to meet the expectations of what should be a very diverse population ranging from athletes to maintain performance, even sedentary than ever, has initiated a exercise plan, coveringvarious age groups as well as those athletes or not at some time have undergone some type of disability and want to regain functionality.

This staff should include adequate staff and recorded in acheckup at least initially to each participant, not only to screen for any hidden pathology to prevention but also to achieve through the perspectives of each participant to create the training programmore suitable to everyone.

The physiatrist is a comprehensive medical, which could join the staff of a gym, where his interest because he is able to evaluate from the functional point of view anyindividual, rule making cardiovascular disease, neurological musculoskeletal, etc ... able to determine the functional capacity of each person, their needs, their goals and provide guidelines forinjury prevention.

Furthermore, the physiatrist may even collaborate when designing the enclosure, taking into account diversibilidad people who should be given access at all fitness, thus avoidingpotential barriers.

It is important when talking about a gym, that anyone who enters this establishment has different interests, different requirements and different goals, it is essential thatimmediate care staff meet the goals of each party, to know if training anger Members targeting top, bottom, individually or in groups, to reduce weight, as a sideline, and the schedule that has everyone...
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