Affirmative action

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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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Abril Albor
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Affirmative action

A major part of the education process is learning to interact with other races and nationalities. One of the few ways toachieve this degree of diversity is through what is known as ‘affirmative action’, for example; more than half of the population of the LDS Business College would not be admitted without affirmativeaction. The diversity created by affirmative action removes some of the stereotypes made by other races and people from different nationalities. In order to become able to have a peaceful and enjoyableatmosphere where we are interacting with people from other cultures we must have diversity at school.

The interaction between different cultures helps us to enlarge our perspective and become lesspartial to the culture pigeon-holes in which we grow up in. There has been much debate on how exactly society is able to achieve a healthy degree of diversity in the workplace and also social education.With this on-going debate many different ideas have been proposed to solve this problem. One of these, for example, is the idea that we impose ‘quotas’.

“The percentage of African American,Hispanic and Native American students admitted to the University of Michigan Law School for next fall fell from 39.6 percent for those students whose applications were considered before enactment of a statelaw banning race-based preferences in December to 5.5 percent thereafter”.

The United States of America is considered a nation of immigrants. Even thou, we can see that the USA is having a hardtime embracing cultural diversity. The diversity at school provides different advantages for the students and also to the country in general. For example, the "open door" policies at the time of WorldWar I allowed this country to acquire many powerful thinkers and scientists representing several cultures. This is one of many diversity consequences gave a considerable advantage to the USA over...