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Deportes de aventura
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  | Parapente The wing (parachute contraction pending) is a sport born in the late twentiethcentury, the inventiveness of climbers who wanted to fly down with a parachute from the peaks they had climbed.
The wing, and sometimes the whole team is named the same name, paragliding. The technicaldefinition would be something like flexible lightweight glider. Glider has no motor because flexible because there is no rigid parts making up the wing, so you can put it in the trunk of your car.The weight of all equipment, usually about 25-30 kg although there are mountain equipment with a mass of approximately 8 kg. The pilot and passenger glider occasionally be equipped with required safetyequipment, helmets and parachute and with various electronic instruments or altivario variometer, GPS and radio equipment.Paragliding biplaza.Al be a flap between 22 and 31m ², especially turbulenceand shear can produce folded deforming the airfoil, thus losing part of its carrying capacity and coming in different flight configurations: asymmetric folded or front, autorotation, spin, etc. If theincident occurs at a sufficient height, usually can return to the natural settings of flight, but if not, there is a last resort to use a very basic parachute for an emergency that occurs rarely. Aportion of the formation of a paraglider is just learning to control the glider in flight incidents. This type of course is called IMS (Incident in Flight Simulation.) In this course the pilot willlearn to control the glider in front of an incident, a useful maneuvers (spins, losses) and the proper use of emergency parachutes. Such courses are conducted over water for safety in case of having touse the reserve parachute to the presence of a rescue boat.
The maximum and minimum relative velocities for intermediate glider model is: Maximum speed: 50 km / hour. Minimum speed: 24 km / h, a...
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