Agreements and free trade in peru

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Agreements and Free Trade Area in Peru: Analysis and Outlook
- Introduction
- Andean Community of Nations (CAN)
- Peru and its participation in the Economic Cooperation Asia - Pacific (APEC)
- Free Trade Area Peru - Thailand
- Free Trade Area Peru - Chile
- Free Trade Area Peru - U.S.
- Free Trade Area Peru - China
- Free trade Area with EU
- Free trade andeconomic growth
- Free trade and employment generation
- Free trade and consumers
- Free trade and agricultural sector
It is easy to imagine or dream that our country could improve overnight. Even easier to make that dream becomes a reality, if you do not risk to grow, to get out of this blindness and forcing us to face the world better.

But nothing is easy in thiscompetitive world where every day, thanks to globalization have the opportunity to make our-selves known to the world.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is the opportunity to reach a truly competitive market.
Peru has several agreements and free trade area for some time and others being planned in the short, medium and long term. These agreements and treaties on various aspects affecting thenational economy of Peru, so it is necessary to understand the magnitude of the incident to make forecasts, thereby making those threats into great opportunities. In each of these events are conducted important negotiations that involve various situations.
Andean Community of Nations
The Andean Community or The Andean Community of Nations (CAN) is a regional economic and political organizationwith international legal entity created by the Agreement of Cartagena on May 26, 1969. It is head-quartered in Lima, Peru. It was form by Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, together with the organs and institutions of the Andean Integration System (SAI). Prior to 1996, was known as the Andean Pact or the Andean Group. Venezuela was a member until 2006 and apparently disengagement process could bereversed in 2007. Chile was originally a member from 1969-1976, but dropped out during the military regime of Augusto Pinochet because of incompatibilities between the country's economic policy and political integration of CAN. When you return to democracy in 1990, immediately began talks for Chile reinstate the CAN as a partner (who has the same status the Mercosur with CAN), which was completeon September 20, 2006.
Located in South America, the four Andean countries grouped to 120 million inhabitants in an area of 4,710,000 square kilometers, whose Gross Domestic Product rose in 2006 to 280 billion dollars.
The Andean Community crisis was exacerbated by the U.S. intention to negotiate free trade are (FTA) bilaterally with each country. This situation led to a dispute betweenmembers of the Community, who held divergent views on how to negotiate free trade agreements or FTA with other countries or economic blocs. Venezuela and Bolivia proposed that regional trading blocs or countries with large block is preferably made, as the Andean Community, with the aim of promoting development and regional integration, as well as to protect and strengthen the regional regulations.The other three members felt that the negotiation of bilateral FTA with the United States did not harm the integration but could be complementary to it, plus it looked hard to pinpoint before 2007 negotiations as a bloc because of political and economic differences of the countries in the region. The government of Colombia, for example, on several occasions expressed its concern at the end of 2006due to the tariff preferences that the United States had granted to Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia through the so-called "ATPDEA", with no many opportunities to get your extension in time.
Bilateral FTA that the United States began negotiations also were opposed to the position of the European Union, which condition an FTA with the Andean countries to make it a regional block regional...
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