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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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Draft #1
New Life; other customs
It all started since I was ten years old. In that time I was already thinking what was going to happen to me when I grow up. I know I have to go to college, but Ididn’t know where or what to study. Years passed and a couple of months later I was already about to make the decision. Here I will express how I felt when I left home, How I plan to live with customsthat are totally different from the ones in my house and how I plan to live with the idea that I’m almost independent.

There were so many emotions. I wanted to have my own apartment, but at thesame time I didn’t want to leave home. In my house my biggest brother is in college too, but his university is near to our town, he doesn’t have to stay in an apartment. I’m the youngest one in thefamily, or how my mom said ‘’you’re my little one’’. But I have to leave obligatory, because the only thing I wanted to study was here in the University of Mayaguez (RUM). Now here I am and I still missmy home, I only see my family on the weekends, but it’s my new life, and I still love it. My first week in my new apartment was difficult, because I didn’t know the customs of my new roommate.The thing that calm me was that I already since eleventh grade, and we became closest friends, but still we can be the best friends in the world and she still have things different from me. Althoughliving with her it isn’t bad, it has pass only two or three weeks and I already familiarized with her. At first I wanted to live alone but now I’m glad I didn’t do that. Because it’s a new and a greatexperience living with a person that you can learn what things she does that are different from yours. My new life was hard for me. Since, I’m a little girl I have everything I wanted. All for mewas in silver plate, but everything was about to change. When I was in Guayanilla, my mom also my father did everything for me, they wash my cloth, clean my room, make me breakfast, lunch, snacks,...
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