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Due Yesterday
User Manual

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About Due Yesterday
Contact Information
System Requirements

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Getting Started
Before You Begin
Setting Up

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How to Use


How to Use the Report Card
How to Customize Your Grade Calculation
TheAssignment List
The Assignment Details
The Class Details
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Frequently Asked Questions
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About Due Yesterday
Due Yesterday allows any student from middleschool to grad school to easily keep track of classes, upcoming assignments, and grades through an easy-to-use and fully customizable interface; both on your handheld and desktop computer. Be sure to visit for product updates, tips, news, and other cool stuff. It’s completely free! Why? Because we think that some high fidelity software should be available to everyone. Features •Track class details, grades, and classwork information • Beam classwork information to other Due Yesterday users • Store teacher information such as phone numbers, office hours, email, etc. • Easy access to class information including schedule, location, web page, etc. • Easily enter classwork details such as description, type, due date/time, grade, etc. and an optional alarm • View classwork duetoday, due by a specific date, or due by class • See your schedule in a calendar-like week screen • Customizable grading policies for each class • Customizable GPA policy and GPA calculation • Supports an equal classwork weighting, or weighting by classwork type or individual weighting of each classwork item • Export classwork details to the built-in Date Book • Export classwork details to the built-inTo Do list • Supports different class times for the same class • View a grade listing of all your class grades and overall GPA • Synchronize with the optional Due Yesterday Desktop software on your desktop • Create, view, edit and archive class information on your desktop • Easy to use tabs Contact Information If you have any problems using Due Yesterday or have a suggestion, check to contact us. System Requirements Handheld running PalmOS 3.0 or higher, and 180k of available memory.

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Getting Started
Before You Begin Due Yesterday includes two parts, one for your handheld, and one for your desktop computer. It is not necessary to use the desktop software and is only available toaid in data entry. If you like, you may just use the handheld software and not use the desktop software. Setting Up Due Yesterday is designed around the idea that students have classes, and that each class can have different types of assignments. For example, you may have two classes, Math and History; and you may have tests in Math class, and term papers in History class. There are two parts tosetting up Due Yesterday: 1. Add each of your classes to Due Yesterday. 2. Add your assignments to Due Yesterday. See the following section for details on how to use Due Yesterday on your handheld. This includes a tutorial section and a reference section.

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How to Use
Tutorial The fastest way to start usingthe application is simply by stepping through the process of entering your classes, a few assignments and then investigating its features. 1. Install Due Yesterday (yesterday.prc) on your handheld device via the normal installation process. If you are unfamiliar on how to do this, see your device’s documentation. (it usually just requires you to double-click on the yesterday.prc file) 2. Now that...
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