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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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I thank Dr. Aurora Llopart your kind invitation. To my colleagues
Faculty, I appreciate your generosity with us this morning, you know
how much one appreciates this gesture of solidarity. Students, I must say
accomplices to me that you have to endure an hour are my
Dear friends and colleagues, Dr. Waldemiro Velez, Dr. Carlos Sanchez and Dr.
Hector Soto. A long time friends, Dr. JorgeRodriguez Beruff, and
Dr. Germán Díaz I greet with affection. If you say something interesting
due to their influence, the boredom of you, I'm the one to blame
In the 17th century Sir Francis Bacon said there was to read 'for
contradict or advocate, nor to believe or take for granted, nor to find
topic of conversation or discourse, but to weigh and consider. "could
thinking about college,because here contradict, we believe one thing and
assume other. But it is not anyone's whim, but because we
intellectual principles of coexistence. We are in college to weigh and
reflect ideas.
  It is fortunate to be in institutions where people can bring ideas,
put them on a scale, weigh them critically, and say, "this idea is
Interestingly, it is valuable, it is worth carrying on her head,even for a
time. "Or with equal parsimony recognize that, "this idea is stupid, not
makes sense, I'll get rid of it to find or invent a better one. "that
should be the most natural thing in the world among people who want to behave
with some sense and alertness.
  But not many organizations where people think, talk or write
with freedom, respect and any decency. The university environment doesnot play
easily in other social institutions. I can name some,
example, business enterprises, government, churches, political parties ... but not
  Sean So welcome to this place of idealistic and romantic people. your
teachers Río Piedras Campus and the School of General Studies, will
to work with you, they will share what they know and what they learn. it
we want to seduce (in thefirst meaning of the dictionary) to enjoy a new kind of romance, the romance of knowledge. the Greeks
ancients thought that some knowledge was lovable-of
Hence arises the term philosophy. The Faculty wants to show and prove that
were right.
  To think it takes a bit of silence and distance. One of the
symbols of Rio Piedras Campus, which celebrates the centenary soon, is their
Torre. Thatimage has been problematic. We have been accused of living in towers
ivory. Yes, of course, that's the famous tower where Archimedes killed the
Romans who invaded Sicily and where they got it Servetus those who
led to the stake, the tower from which Newton saw the moon spinning
according to the same laws, the tower where Pavlov's surprised
Russian Revolution and where the revolutionaries came tooffer their
respects, the tower from which, just for being high, you look away. who will
complain that universities be ivory towers when incubated one
thinking outside reality, ignore the fundamental fact that the
methods of intellectual and scientific work are ways of approaching the
and reality meet, and if a few hours a day of confinement is favorable,
it promotes awareness of ourhistorical situation. the alternative
confinement or contact with reality is false, and falsifies the approach
of our work. Study with your teachers and researchers is being part of a tradition
university that puts us in touch with reality and human nature, with its
problems and hopes. This symbolic enclosure around the tower
is a social instrument of critical reflection and long forecast. Takeadvantage of it
okay. In this work, Río Piedras Campus honors a faculty that is of Puerto
Rico, for his talent, experience and commitment to society and culture
Puerto Rican.
  This lesson is part of the Seminar on Integration of Knowledge
General Studies coordinated by Dr. Luis Quinones La Fuente. I will suggest
five ideas that can reflect with seminary professors. I feel that