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  • Publicado : 2 de enero de 2011
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The best place that I can compare males and females is my own place of work. I work in a hospital with nurses and although the majority of them are women, thereare also men, and growing. There is definitely a difference in the way both male and female nurses interact with the patients and with the rest of the staff. Many of the male nurses aregay and they do tend to have feminine qualities, yet the way they treat patients is much more assertive then the female nurses. When I work with male nurses, I notice that they pushpatients more to take their medications, which can be a good thing but they I have also notice that they do not have the patience as many of the female nurses often have. Female nurseswill take their time with patience more and even have more consideration for their hygiene. Male nurses often neglect the importance of hygiene for patients that have been lying in bedall day. This aspect of the job is so important because infections increase with time and if cleanliness isn’t practiced, other complications can happen. Not to say that males arenot compassionate and do not care about the patients being in bed all day, they just do not inforce it as much as females.
Being a nurse however is different than say being aconstruction worker. Just as construction is dominated by men, nursing is dominated by women. In knowing that, I still do not believe that one sex is better suited than the other to do a certainjob. I do believe that women and men just have different ways of doing certain jobs. Perhaps some people cannot get used to the fact that some women can thrive in ¨men jobs¨ andtherefore do not offer these jobs to women, and vice versa. Just as a man who designs clothes, women can have the same success as women that work as lawyers or construction workers.
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