American values, now and in the future.

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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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The American values.
First the American Values were personal achievement, individualism, work, morality, humanitarianism, efficiency and practicality, progress and materialcomfort, equalty, democracy, and freedom; after those values apperaed values like leisure, physical fitness, and youthfulness which might be grouped under the term ofself-fulfillment. And with them in the last ten years came up values related with the environment.
Since the 70’s our values have changed a little bit, well, more than changed isthat we had added more values that talk about youthfulness and about enviroment. I think that the reason of the appearance of this values is because now people care aboutthey appearance, and because now to look good is a very important thing for lots of people. On the other hand I think that people care about enviroment more than beforebecause of two reasons: the firstone is because now we know lots of things about enviroment and we know how fast we are destroying our planet, and the second one isbecause with all of our technology we are destroying the planet and that’s something we should take care of.
I agree with most of the values but in my opinion they interfereeachother because there are too many important values and is very difficult think about all of them. Otherways I think is really important to have some values because theyare part of our personality and they define who you are.
In my opinion the most important values are freedom, equality, democracy, morality and humanitarianism, I thinkthey are important because they are the bases of our society. Otherways I think that all the values are important. But maybe we could live without them, but for me the...
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