Beliefs and values, a raisin in the sun

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Why real people, fictional characters have beliefs and values that influence what they say and do. Discuss the importance of beliefs and values in “A Raising in the Sun.”

Every human being was raised in a different way; this depends on many factors such as wealth and social status, moment in history, skin color, origin and such. In the USA, around the 1950’s the post WWII racist position thatwas adopted by the white community had a huge impact on the black community, this leading to an oppressive white community. A Raisin in the sun, play written by Lorrain Hansberry, is a very good and clear example of this situation. The play introduces a black family, The Younger’s, who live in a black lower-middle class neighborhood in south Chicago, and decide to move into Clybourne Park whichis a white middle-middle class neighborhood; the play shows us all the problems the family passes trough while they are in this process. This is a family which is composed by Mama, Lena Younger; Walter Lee Younger, Mama’s son; Ruth Younger, Walter’s wife; Beneatha, Mama’s daughter and Travis Younger, Walter and Ruth’s son.
Mama is the oldest in the house, and after her husband died she became theresponsible in the house. She has a great power in the play; coming mainly from the money she is receiving, insurance money from Mr. Younger’s death , and the big decision that comes behind all the money which is how she plans to distribute it. From what she has lived and has experienced trough out her life, she has become a very religious person, as due to the hard times she passed she relied ingod as a source of relief and of hope. So as she became very religious and devoted to god’s word, she earned a lot of values coming from the bible; so she is a very principled woman. Doubtlessly she is a dreamer, and dreams with having a house with a garden, for her niece, Travis, to play in. Showing us how worried and familiar she is. This is because she was raised in such a way were family isthere to be loved and respected, and that family is the number one thing in life; therefore Mama only thinks about her family. However she also demands for respects towards her, as she is the oldest and the wiser; attitude that she had towards her parents when she was little. As well it provides the family with a different attitude and way of seeing life; she gives an older-generation perspectiveabout life. As well she seems disappointed about the attitude of other characters, as they are Beneatha and Ruth; Beneatha for her feelings about god and the church, and Ruth for the idea of abortion which to Mama it was seen as a disrespect and a lack of interest and love towards existence.
Walter is the only man in the house, without counting Travis. He is a very sexist man, as he was raised ina moment of history were woman had no or little freedom, so he believes that women were meant to be home cleaning and taking care of the kids; they weren’t meant to work to bring money home. This is showed by the attitude he has towards Ruth, he is always really hard on her. As well he is very materialist and he longs to prove his manhood, by providing a lot of money to his family by making fastand easy, this leads to him being robbed by his “friend” when investing in a liquor store, and also to loosing what was left of Mama’s insurance money. So his simplistic attitude leads to a failure for not only him but his whole family. He is also irresponsible and unhappy about the life he has in that moment. But despite all the bad things, he learnt very well from his mom that family is thenumber one thing in life; everything he does is for making the life for all better, doubtlessly of the result of his actions.
Ruth is a loving and caring wife and mother. She is always looking after the others more than to herself. Along the play we can see that she is very responsible and hard-worker; trying, as well as Walter, to provide the best to her family. Even though her marriage to Walter...
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