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Water may become contaminated in several ways:

  *   For urban waste water, also called sewage or sewage, which are those from the domestic use: toilets, washing machines, sinks ...[pic]

For agricultural water source because they contain pesticides and herbicides that kill plants and aquatic animals. [pic]



Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Ministry of People's Power for Education
U.E” Hipolito Cisneros”
San Diego-Carabobo

Preventive solution to water rationing


Student:5to “G”

Freddy Hernandez

Marlon Mata

Information "urgent"

Cristal, C.A. Company, he participates that day 16-11-11, a meeting isgeneralizations about rationing water because does not enter from the street, and there will be water rationing following schedule:

Mondays through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00pm and daysSaturdays and Sundays from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Please take caution.


The water (Latin aqua) is a substance whose molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom(H2O). It is essential for the survival of all known forms of life. The term water generally refers to the substance in its liquid state, but the same can be found in its solid form called ice, and asa gas called steam. Water covers 71% of the surface of the cortex terrestre.2 is localized mainly in the oceans which accounts for 96.5% of total water, glaciers and ice caps have 1.74%, theunderground reservoirs (aquifers ), the continental permafrost and glaciers account for 1.72% and the remaining 0.04% are distributed in decreasing order among lakes, soil moisture, air, reservoirs, riversand loved vivos.3 water is a common element solar system, a fact confirmed by recent discoveries. It can be found mainly in the form of ice, in fact, is the base material of comets and their tails up...
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