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Organizational Goals | Neither | Efficiency | Effectiveness | Both |
Strategy | Reactor | Defender | Prospector | Analyzer |
Environment | Calm | Varied | Locally Stormy | Turbulent |
Organizational Complexity | Blob | Tall | Flat | Symmetric |
Leadership | Maestro | Manager | Leader | Producer |
Organizational Climate | Group | Internal Process |Developmental | Rational Goal |

1) Describe JoyBuilder’s Organizational Goals, Strategy, Environment, Organizational complexity, Leadership and Organizational climate.

JoyBuilder’s Strategy:
Currently JoyBuilders seems to be in a strategic dysfunction; the two different working philosophies of the previously merged companies seem to be failing when trying to be puttogether.
JoyBuilders is actually managing a reactor strategy, one that is neither efficient nor effective, focuses on short term reactions and has problems planning future projects. It is dangerous for this company to continue in the current path. However, there is no reason to panic; reactor type strategies are usually used when big companies have realized mergers.
JoyBuilder’s OperationEnvironment:
The area of operations of JoyBuilders currently falls more accurately to a borderline between the Locally Stormy and a Calm environment; Why? Because the competitive environment Joybuilders operates in makes it very difficult for the economic situations to be predicted, however, there are some factors that can also be easily predicted and forecasted and furthermore, there is a near monopolyin the industry by two major companies. I’d dare say the environment seems more Calm than Locally Stormy, but the current case states that laws are about to change in Denmark, thus the company must be prepared for this change.

JoyBuilder’s Leadership:
The current leadership displayed by the JoyBuilder’s CEO Barry Builder can be described as being in the borderlines between Maestro and Manager.Barry Builder’s current administrative policies seem to be remarked by this profile:
* He wants long term planning, but currently is not allowed to do so.
* He displays a great experience and expertise in management.
* Focuses on efficiency
* He focuses on the control of JoyBuilder’s operations – seems to be neglecting strategic decisions toward a more reactive strategy pattern.JoyBuilder’s Organizational Climate:
JoyBuilder’s recent merger has created a tense work environment as of lately. This has resulted in an Internal Process focused Organizational Climate. The employees have displayed a high degree of scapegoating, high degrees of tension between the recently merged companies, and loss of faith in Mr. Builder’s leadership.
The company itself is focused onefficiency and thus the improvement of work processes, all the information passed along the channels are restricted to the mangers and the division of the company where that information was gathered.
JoyBuilder’s Organizational Structure:
The Organizational Structure in JoyBuilders itself seems to be division oriented,thus making it a divisional company. As for the company’s complexity let’s notforget however that JoyBuilders is part of the Joy Group Multinational, in which the complexity falls towards a tall organization. If we analyzed JoyBuilders as a separate group, then the complexity falls into near-borderline between Blob and Flat.
Overall this company seems to be in a very dangerous position, and behaving like a small business rather than an international company. It is fair topoint out that the company recently entered a merger; I would highly recommend a change of course for the company as soon as possible.
2) Are there any visible misfits in the company?
As far as I have analyzed the company I reached the following conclusion: The company is still following a merger behavior. The current operation of JoyBuilders is good for a fast market adaptation and employees to...