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The preposition is the kind of word invariably introduced the so-called prepositional phrase. Prepositions usually have the function of introducing attachments, and sometimes ligand bindingcomplements the name or noun phrase that immediately precede a verb or another name that precedes. In some languages, prepositions can not head a prepositional phrase, as in English where they can even appearat the end of the sentence.
The preposition is a word that relates the elements of a sentence. Prepositions may indicate origin, source, destination, address, place, medium point, reason, etc..LOCATION IN THE STRUCTURE OF PRONOUNS

English prepositions have the function, as in Spanish, introducing some types of accessories and attachments indirect circumstantial.
Michael is in thekitchen.
    I send a letter to Mary = I send Mary a letter.

They can also function as subordinating links to unconjugated verb sentences:

  This is useful for painting the windows.

On top ofthese functions may appear as a verb clitic elements, called preposiconales or English verbs phrasal verbs. In this position may appear even at the end of the sentence:

    Please, get in!    What you waiting for?

For this reason, prepositions can never be used in isolation in the communicative use of language, because they integrate sentences with a purely grammatical. In that sense,prepositions govern other words, and are used by placing them in front of those words which govern, which causes its designation as prepositions.


Prepositions qualifying nouns areusually used, but we can use with gerunds verbs, adjectives and participles, as well as infinitives and interjections: Call me as you finish, that you get for distracted, I finished painting.

Thereare some verbs that must necessarily be accompanied by prepositions, because of its own significance: See you at night, I was waiting since morning.

The use must be normalized to the...
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