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“The Raven” Analysis
By: Emmanuel Arias Araya
Author’s background
Edgar Allan Poe was a North American writer, he wrote poems, and stories. This author is well known by his mystery and suspensestories. He had a very hard childhood he was orphaned when his mother die, all this after his father left them. These events marked a lot the writing style of Poe. He also joined the army afteruniversity and stared to publish his works when he was working in journals.
The story occurs in a bedroom that is called chamber, this because it is very big and has an important relevance in thehouse, this room has also a balcony where most of the story takes place, all the details of it are clearly described in the story, it is at night, and it is dark too. Edgar Allan Poe always used thiskind of mystery and darkness in his stories to transport the readers in to this word of shadows.
Melancholy and sadness are element involved in this story the lost of Lenore add to thedesperation for the events that are happening, all of them are mixed in a mystery atmosphere that catch the attention of the reader.
The narrator: he is the main character of this story. He issad because he lost his lovely Lenore, this character is frustrating by a tap in his chambers he star to speculate where this sound come from, he discover that the sound is made by a raven, little bylittle he start to speculate about the raven, these lost thoughts made that he become crazy and desperate for the situation.
The raven: this bird is outside of the chamber taping each time harderthan the previous one, the narrator give him human characteristics like the ability to speak, this characteristic and other supernatural are given just to full the expectations of the narrator aboutLenore.
Lenore: she is a second character, she is not in the present during the story, she is just mentioned by the narrator as his lost love.
Symbols: some symbols that are in this story play an...
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