The raven analysis (english)

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Edgar Allan Poe
He was born in Boston in 1809, and he was a known romanticist poet. His parents were theater actors, but they died when he has little. Poe was raised by John Allan, a rich businessman that adopted him and he took Poe to the United Kingdom. Poe had several issues with his adoptive father that led to continuous argues between them, but he loved his adoptive mother. Hereturned to the U.S. to continue his studies at the Virginia University, but he was expelled due to his drinking and gambling problems, that led him to travel to Boston and publish his first book anonymously, Tamerlane and Other Poems.
He joined the army, where he got a charge in a Military Academy (It was an agreement with his adoptive father, and he enlisted as Edgar A. Perry) and wrote hissecond book, Al Aaraf. He was later expelled from the academy for negligence on the duty (He didn’t obeyed orders and missed several classes).
He moved to Baltimore, to live with his aunt, Marie Clemm, and he published his third book, Poems. He met his cousin, Virginia Clemm, who would be later his wife. He worked in the Southern Baltimore Messenger newspaper, and later in several magazines inPhiladelphia and New York, where he decided to live.
He lived in his brother’s apartment (That died shortly after Edgar moved in). He started to wok in another newspaper, but he was affected because the newspaper preferred to take other scripts and alter them (In that time the copyright wasn’t established), so he lived in poverty. He receives his first award from the Saturday Visitor newspaper, fromBaltimore, for his MS. Found in a Bottle. In this time he secretly marries his cousin (When she was 13 years old).
The script got him recognition and caught the attention of John P. Kennedy; that helped Poe to publish his scripts and introduced him to the Southern Literary Messenger editor, Thomas White. Poe got the job as his assistant, but was discharged because his boss caught him drunk.Virginia, his wife, started to show symptoms of tuberculosis. This led Poe to start drinking even more due to stress. He went back again to New York to work in the Evening Mirror and later in the Broadway Journal, were he became the owner. The Raven is published in the Evening Mirror, giving him a massive success.
He moved to a house in a section of the Bronx, now known as “Poe Cottage”. Here iswhere Virginia died (Aged 24). This was another blow to Edgar’s life, and an inspiration of his work, as his usual theme of the “death of a beautiful woman”, also because of the loss of her mother since he moved to Virginia.
One day Poe was found in the streets of Baltimore, wearing clothes that weren’t his own, and delirious. He died on October 3, 1849, but the cause of death is unknown, because hismedical records have been lost, though it is believed that his alcoholism had complicated another disease, such as heart disease, epilepsy, and even syphilis.
The Raven, Poe’s most known poem, talks about a man that has lost the love of his life, Lenore. He is the narrator of the poem, but little is said about him, just some clues like the book that he reads or the bust of Pallas that hehas (an sculpture of the upper part of Athena) may indicate that he was an intelligent man.
It starts when he is reading a book as an attempt to stop thinking about Lenore in the midnight of a December night. While he is reading a gentle knock in his door caught his attention; that woke him up from his nap. He ignores it until another knock is made. He opened the door but no one was there. Hereturned to his room and remembered Lenore, hoe she had left this world until another knock is made, but this time in the window. He opened his window, believing that the wind was causing that noise, but a raven came in and perched and sat upon a bust of Pallas, without doing anything else.
After this the man asks the raven’s name, to what the raven answers “Nevermore”, This surprises the man,...
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