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For centuries, humans have hunted humpback whales. There are only about 35,000 humpbacks left in the world. I’m Howard Rosenbaum, and I hope that myresearch will help preserve this endangered species.

In my research, I travel to Madagascar to observe humpbacks. I can tell the whales apart by their different flukes. Flukes are the broad, flat endsof a whale’s tail.

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Hi, I’m Joel Crew. I study birds, but I’m also crazy about tigers. I have used genetics to study a type of tiger that lives on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.
Myteam compared the DNA of Sumatran tigers to that of other kinds of tigers, such as Bengals and Siberians. We discovered that Sumatran tigers are genetically unique.

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Clones are plants andanimals that have more than just their looks in common, they also have the exact same DNA sequence. Identical twins are natural clones. They look identical because they have the same genes andidentical DNA . Today, scientists can even create clones from the cells of an adult animal. These clones are genetically the same as the adult- only much younger.

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Australia has an unusualvariety of living organisms. One reason is its separation from other continents. For millions of years, plants and animals lived in isolation, so Australia has its own unique ecosystems with speciesunlike anywhere else on Earth. But some of Australia’s rare species are endangered. We need to gather information about each species quickly, before they becomes extinct

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Earth has over 1.75million species – over one million of them are insects and spiders. There are many more yet to be identified. All living things are dependent upon one another for survival. This variety of life onEarth and its interdependence is called biodiversity.

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The Earth is our home. So far, it is the only place that we know of that has life. Everywhere you look on Earth there is life. This is...
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