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Roman women were accustomed to marry at early age. A pre-wedding ceremony was the Betrothal. In them, meeting the families of the bride and groom, there was thepromise of marriage and the groom gave the bride a ring. This custom has been in Spain at the request of your hand or asks the bride, by region.
The wedding ceremony was on the link. Until that time the bride had been subjected to the potestas of the father and now goes to the power or manus of the husband, the wife and family would become mater.
As forms of marriage were the following:
A)Confarreatio: hearing before the Pontifex Maximus and the Flamen Dialis. The name of this ceremony is due to the wedding cake buckwheat offered by the groom to the God Jupiter. The legal effect of this is that marriage was indissoluble.
B) Coemptio, was another form of marriage and most widely used. It consisted of a simulation of the bride price.
C) Usus: very simple consisting of a mere declarationof intent of both parties and living for a year.
Usually the wedding was combined with a Feast of wedding celebration. The day before the wedding, the bride stripped of all those attachments to their own youth and toys, offered to the gods. All custom and symbols that denoted the passage from one status to another.
The house is decorated with flowers and garlands. The bride wore a white gownwith a pink veil and a crown. As can be seen almost all the customs have been maintained until the present time. The Romans were a people who constantly consulted soothsayers and logically, to an event of this nature were normal to do likewise. After learning that they would be favorable augury was thereupon signed the commitment of marriage.
Then there would be a banquet at the home of the bride.Another characteristic moment was the uxorem ducere or conduction of the bride to groom's house after having kidnapped the arms of his mother. Naturally this driving was done with a real torch-lit procession, with the assistance of musicians blew their flutes.
When the new wife came home from new husband who was carrying in her arms. This custom persists today was intended to prevent the new wifecould fall to enter the house that had been interpreted as a sign of bad omen. Once the wife was in the atrium of the house we were given the keys of the same. At that time the wife was considered that entered aqua ete accipere ignition, ie the community of water and fire, as known is the huge importance that the Romans gave to both. The sacrifices to the Lares household gods and took place theday after the marriage and now the wife received gifts from her husband and family.


The White Dress: The white signifies purity and honesty, is the absence of all color and the union of all colors.
Wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue: Wear something old, new, borrowed and blue, everything is symbolic. The old means of connecting the bridewith her family background, so it often leaves a gem and even a wedding dress belonging to a family member. It symbolizes new hopes of starting a new life prosperous and happy. It symbolizes friendship provided, usually delivered to the bride for another woman that took him earlier in his wedding. The blue color symbolizes the couple's fidelity. In ancient times brides wore blue to the QueenVictoria set the color white as their own brides.
Las Arras: The Arras is mutual sharing of goods, how little and how much in good times and bad times. In antiquity it made a mutual gift of 13 coins.
The ring finger ring: The ring on the ring finger in ancient times believed that this had a direct vein to the heart.
The delivery of the bride: at the daughters were considered old parent. When it...
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