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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Amistad: 70
Amor: 65
Suerte: 93
You are going to have to be a patient tendras drastic changes
Alonso was reproving you in the examination of partial this one,
For envy of that thesehandsome well, tendras luck and taken care
Amistad: 67
Amor: 87
Suerte: 74
That you can fatten.

This month you are going to take a spirit as the soils
But very special someonewas coming that you hara
To change and to be glad, ires of holiday and him give a draft to the life
And check those who are your real friends!

Amistad: 89
Amor: 97
Suerte: 98

Duringthis month you are going to have a change of look,
You are going to need to go out mas and desire to throw him in your work
And / or school, your relation with the teacher Mickey was improving!Amistad: 70
Amor: 65
Suerte: 70

In this month you are going to try to recover
Old friendship that you did not value,
You were getting tired of supporting to the men and
They willgive you desire of giving him many gifts
Such an Andrea garcia, tendras win one of exploring
And to experience several things.

This month you were finding a person that youwere thinking about her
A good sense and you were upsetting with him, tendras a lot of experiences,
You were happening time with your family and maybe a person
You of an opportunity, theteacher manuel you
Amistad: 80
Amor: 89
Suerte: 73
It was giving the orders to the direction for
uniformly or some letter of congratulation.

Tendras some solution to your problemsAmistad: 87
Amor: 90
Suerte: 78
You will be hot and conquering, you were thundering some matters

Good perspectives in your astral horizon,
You will have some change in your interiorand
Amistad: 98
Amor: 97
Suerte: 93
Miss julia will ask you to marry her

You are going to have bad luck, castelan
it you was lowering points, him deberas to Horace,
You have an...
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