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Sometimes an email message comes with an attachment. The attachment can be a picture (with the extension .jpg or .gif), a song (with the extension .mid), a speech or sound recording (with the extension .wav), a program like Guess What (with the extension .bas, .exe, .zip or .bat) or a document that you can read (with the extension .txt, .doc or .wpd).
Usually, a paper clip appears with theemail message to show that something is "attached."

Opening an Attachment

When you read the message, you will see a hyperlink, with the name of the attachment, which you can click. A hyperlink is usually a word or words that are underlined, and when you put your cursor on the line, the cursor will turn into a little hand. Click on the hyperlink and Hotmail (your email program) willshow you the attachment if it is a picture. If it is a document, the program may show you the document right away (especially documents with an extension of .txt) or, if it is a document with the extension .doc or .wpd, it may give you a choice: to open (look at) the document right away, or to save the document to a disk. If you want to save it to a disk, click inside the circle next to that choice.Saving the attachment to the disk is a good idea because then you will have it for later, even after you close the Roadrunner program.
If the document ends in .doc, you can read it with Microsoft Word. If the document ends in .wpd, you can read it with a program called WordPerfect. If you want to look at it right away, click inside the circle next to the command to "open the file."If you like what you see, you can still save it to your disk. On the title bar, at the top of the window, click on File, and then click on Save As. Then click inside the destination window that tells the program where to save the document. Remember, you don't want to save it to "My Documents" because that means leaving it on the computer. You want to save in on your floppy disk, which means youhave to set the window to "Floppy (A):"

Saving a Picture

To save a picture on your disk, put the cursor anywhere on the picture. Right click with the mouse (use the right, not the left, mouse button). You will see a list of choices. You must click "Save Picture As," and then you must click inside the destination window to choose "Floppy (A:)" The biggest mistake that students make is toforget to change the destination to Floppy (A:) and they save the picture to "My Documents" which leaves it on the computer, but not on the student's floppy disk.

Saving Pictures Can Fill Up Your Disk!

Your floppy disk holds 1400K. Be careful! Some pictures take up from 200 to 500K, and you can use up a disk fairly quickly. Pictures that are smaller or which have less resolution (theyare less clear, and the colors are not as good) take up less memory. To see how much memory a picture will take up on your disk, right click the picture. At the bottom of the list of choices, choose Properties. Look at the Size: 13500 bytes is 13.5K (because K = 1000). This means it's a small picture and probably not of very high quality (in color and sharpness).
Sending an Attachment: Send Rickyour Educational History composition

In order to send an attachment, you must first create an email message.
In Hotmail, the command for writing a message is Compose. Click on that word.

Fill in the To: space with my email address: rickshur@hotmail.com

Now put something in the Subject line (like, A comp for you!)
Put at least one sentence in the body of the message (the big box). Thissentence should probably say that you are sending an attachment, something like: My Educational History comp is attached or Here’s a picture for you. (It's always wise to tell people that you are sending an attachment.)

After you have filled out the basic email, click on the "Attachments" tab. (Move the cursor onto the word "Attachments" and wait until you see a little hand. Now click (with...
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