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Practice exercises.

Which of the google databases would you use to search for the answers to these questions?

1. My son had to do a project for Earth Day. Now he needs more informationabout chemicals that are in the water for his presentation. Can you find me some information about that?

2. My grandmother is from Italy and her English isn’t very good. She keeps talking about pain in her lombaggine. Do you knowwhat that is?

3. Can you tell me the latest information about the development of an AIDS vaccine?

4. My uncle has diabetes. Can you find a clinical trial for him in SanAntonio?

5. My husband works in an oil refinery. Recently he’s been having dizzyspells. He says it’s nothing, but is there something at the refinery that could be causing them?
6. My son is allergic to panthenol. We found out when we were using Pantene shampoo. Can you getme a list of other products with that in it, so we can avoid them? Can you find us a shampoo without panthenol?
Search in internet the follows definition:
1. virtual education
2. distanceeducation
3. e-learning
4. TEL
5. Platform:
6. Tutorial
7. Computer-based learning
8. Computer-Based Training
9. Computer-supported collaborative learning
10. Blogs:...
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