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2 010 C ATA LO G


I T ’ S A T O U G H B U S I N E S S . LO O K T O A P I .

S a l e s + 1 71 3 - 9 6 4 - 2 6 6 2 | S e r v i c e + 1 2 0 2 - 9 6 2 - 4 7 91 | s a l e s @ a p i . o r g | w w w . a p i . o r g

©2010 – API, all rights reserved.

Serving the oil and natural gas industry withinformation API is pleased to present its 2010 publications programs and services catalog. The 2010 edition lists API standards, recommended practices, equipment specifications, other technical documents, and reports and studies to help the oil and natural gas industry safely, efficiently and responsibly supply energy to billions of people around the world. Each year, API distributes more than200,000 copies of its publications. For upstream, API publications cover offshore structures and floating production systems, tubular goods, valves and wellhead equipment, plus drilling and production equipment. In the downstream arena, API publications address marketing and pipeline operations and refinery equipment, including storage tanks, pressure-relieving systems, compressors, turbines andpumps. API also has publications that cut across industry sectors, covering fire and safety protection and petroleum measurement. API information technology standards cover EDI, ebusiness, telecommunications, and information technology applications for the oil and natural gas industry. Other API publications cataloged here include economic analysis, toxicological test results, opinion researchreports, and educational materials that provide basic information about the oil and natural gas industry and how technology is transforming it. The publications in the catalog are intended for API members and non-members. Information on ordering is on page 211. Online ordering is at www.api.org/publications. Please direct questions about the catalog to the API Standards department at 202-682-8417.Sincerely, Jack Gerard

President and Chief Executive Officer API

Show the world what you’re made of. Show them the API Monogram.

Every day, around the world, the oil and natural gas industry asks for equipment and products stamped with the API® Monogram. And the reason why is simple. ® The API Monogram immediately lets buyers know that what they’re getting meets their needs and exactingquality standards. Since 1924, the API Monogram Program has been carefully crafted to meet the specific requirements of the oil and natural gas industry. Based on API’s Spec Q1, the API Monogram Program covers the licensing of companies ® who manufacture oilfield and offshore drilling and production equipment and materials. Today, more than 2,200 Licensees from all corners of the globe are qualified todisplay the API Monogram on their products – products such as valves, pipes, drilling equipment, storage tanks, subsea production systems, pumps, and cements. And with over 70 categories of officially licensed equipment and products eligible for the API Monogram, API’s Monogram Program is a far-reaching effort to bring the worldwide oil and natural gas industry the product quality they demand.Licensed companies who display the API Monogram visibly demonstrate their company’s commitment to world-class quality. API promotes the program worldwide throughout the year by publishing and distributing The API Composite List, both in print and on the web. Within it you’ll find detailed product and company listings from which to select, putting licensees’ names before the very people who make therecommendation and purchasing decisions. Updated daily on the web, go to www.api.org/compositelist and search for qualified companies using a variety of search options.


The API Monogram Program is accepted around the world because it’s built around real-world standards, complementing and exceeding ISO 9001 requirements. And because APIQR® offers licensees a dual API/ISO registration...
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