Aportes del sector turismo en la economia dominicana

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Republic of Colombia


Yellow: represents the wealth of Colombian soil and the sun, the source of light.

Blue: represents the sky that covers the country, rivers andtwo oceans that bathe the Colombian territory.

Red: represents the blood shed by the patriots in the fields of battle for freedom.
Colombia is located in the northwestern region of SouthAmerica bordering to the east with Venezuela and Brazil; to the south with Ecuador and Peru; to the North with the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea; and to the west with Panama and thePacific Ocean.



Pre-Columbian era

Approximately 10,000 BC, hunter-gatherer societies existed near present-day Bogotá (at "El Abra" and "Tequendama") which traded with one anotherand with cultures living in the Magdalena RiverValley. Beginning in the first millennium BC, groups of Amerindians developed the political system of "cacicazgos" with a pyramidal structure of powerheaded by caciques .

Fernando Botero

Born in Medellin, this world renowned artist has been painting since the late 1940’s but it wasn’t until almost 20 years later when his trademarkstyle of round and inflated figures appeared.
Carlos Vives
This multifaceted artist originally from Santa Marta moved to Bogota IS STRESSED at an early age where he soon pursued an actingcareer while singing in bars and cafes around the city.


Born in Barranquilla of Lebanese and European descent, she wrote her first poem at the tender age of 4, not much later thepoems became songs and the young girl started singing and belly dancing her way into world fame.

[pic] The singer, originally from Carolina del Principe grew up in Medellin where he sang leadin a rock group which after 10 years disbanded allowing him to pursue a solo career.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
[pic] Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, “Gabo” as he is commonly called, was...
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