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Apple Supplier Responsibility
2012 Progress Report

Apple Supplier Responsibility 2012 Progress Report



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Apple and Supplier Responsibility Apple’s Auditing Process Labor and Human Rights Audit Results Core Violations Labor Initiatives Worker Health and Safety Audit Results Core Violations Working with Combustible Dust Environmental Impact SpecializedEnvironmental Audits Audit Results Core Violations Ethics Audit Results Core Violations Management Systems Audit Results Worker Education and Development SEED Program Expansion

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Apple Supplier Responsibility 2012 Progress Report


Apple and Supplier Responsibility

Apple Supplier Code of Conduct The Apple Supplier Code of Conductspells out responsible practices in the following areas: • • • • • Labor and human rights Worker health and safety Environmental impact Ethics Management systems

Apple is committed to driving the highest standards for social responsibility throughout our supply base. We require that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentallyresponsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made. Our suppliers must live up to Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct as a condition of doing business with us. Drawing on internationally recognized standards, our Code lays out Apple’s expectations in the areas of labor and human rights, worker health and safety, the environmental impact, ethics, and management systems. We insist that ourmanufacturing partners follow this Code, and we make sure they do by conducting rigorous audits with the help of independent experts. If manufacturers don’t live up to our standards, we stop working with them. Apple’s audit program reaches all levels of our supply chain, including final assembly and component suppliers. We continue to expand our program to reach deeper into our supply base, andthis year we also added more detailed and specialized audits to address safety and environmental concerns. We know that finding and correcting problems is not enough. Apple-designed training programs educate workers about local laws, their fundamental rights as workers, occupational health and safety, and Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Today there are more than one million people who know theirrights because they went to work for an Apple supplier. We are always looking for ways to make our program even stronger and more transparent. Apple recently became the first technology company accepted by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), and we look forward to working with them. While we have worked with third-party auditors for several years, Apple will also open its supply chain to the FLA’sindependent auditing team, who will measure our suppliers’ performance against the FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct and the results will appear on their website. It’s a level of transparency and independent oversight that is unmatched in our industry. In addition to this report, we are publishing a list of Apple’s leading suppliers on our Supplier Responsibility website. These 156 companies accountfor more than 97 percent of what we pay to suppliers to manufacture our products.

Learn more about Apple and Supplier Responsibility, including the entire Code, at

Apple Supplier Responsibility 2012 Progress Report


2011 Apple Audits Audited facilities
First-time audits Repeat audits Process safety assessments Specialized environmental auditsOther highlights of this year’s report include:

• Apple’s Supplier Responsibility team conducted a total of 229 audits—an 80 percent increase over 2010. More than 100 of these were at factories that we had not audited before. Facilities where we conduct repeat audits consistently show fewer violations, and the vast majority improve their audit scores year-over-year. • Apple’s audits have...