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Artlantis Tutorial

Artlantis product-line Visit the Artlantis website at for product information and availability. Trademarks Artlantis® is a trademark of Abvent. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Artlantis Studio 2 Tutorial

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Artlantis is a family of unique software applications developed especially forarchitects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high quality 3D renderings (Artlantis Render). In addition to high resolution rendering for still images, Artlantis Studio is the right tool for creating QuickTime® VR Panoramas, Objects and animations. Artlantis interfaces directly with ArchiCAD™, VectorWorks™, SketchUp™ Pro, and Arc+™. With the recent addition of the DWF, OBJ and FBXimport formats and updated DXF, DWG and 3DS plug-ins, Artlantis seamlessly interacts with all the leading CAD software as well. Themed collections of materials, parametric textures, and objects available on CD-ROMs and online round out the innovative product line (Artlantis Media). A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by over 167,000architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries. For more information about Artlantis, please visit This tutorial helps you to discover the main functions of Artlantis. In the present ARTLANTIS folder you can find: - A folder entitled Tutorial containing: - Tutorial.atl file (Artlantis Studio 2 file with the final settings) - Tutorial_START.atl - Threefolders containing the various Artlantis Media - A folder entitled Postcards - A folder with examples To begin, please open: Tutorial_START.atl.

Artlantis Studio 2 Tutorial

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A/ The Interface of Artlantis Studio

Customizable Toolbar
With a right-click you can add or remove buttons from the toolbar

Real-Time Preview Window
One of the strengths of Artlantis is its realtime previewwindow. Every change you make to camera positions, shaders, textures, objects, sun, lights, etc. will immediately appear in the preview window. It displays scenes in permanent radiosity that are consistent with the final rendering.

Camera Inspector
This is the main organizer of your presentations. Each camera position can have different sun, light, background or other customized parameters.This way you can work and store day scenes and night scenes in the same file.

Here you can find all the Artlantis library features known as Media: shaders, objects, pictures/textures, and postcards. Organized in three main partitions, the Catalog offers a very user-friendly interface that reflects the structure of your hard drive. New folders can be added by clicking the + sign in thebottom right-hand corner of the Catalog. To open it, go to Windows/Catalog menu.

NOTE: The size of the real-time preview window can be enlarged or reduced. You can even organize your work on two screens as there is no limitation in size. In the main menu go to Display > Enlarge; or Display > Reduce

Artlantis Studio 2 Tutorial

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B/ What are Artlantis Media?
The Media are the libraryparts of Artlantis:

All Artlantis Media can be applied with a simple drag & drop into the scenes.

To apply them, open the Catalog by clicking on its icon in the Toolbar, or from the menu: Windows > Catalog. To make the Media you’ll work with in the Catalog appear, click on the sign in the bottomlefthand corner of the Catalog. Browse for the Tutorial folder, select it and click Open. Allthree subfolders containing Shaders, Objects and Pictures will appear with the appropriate content.

Artlantis Studio 2 Tutorial

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C/ Navigation
Each Inspector has a drawer with a list of the appropriate items present in the scene. The list in the Perspective Camera Inspector will highlight the existing camera positions. In the upper part of the drawers you will find + and x signs....
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