Art criticism leonardo da vinci

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Art criticism
1) Description:
The artwork is named “the last supper”, it was made by Leonardo Da Vinci, it is a mural painting made in Milan in the 15th century, it measures 450 x 870 cm. Thesubject of the painting is religion; it uses different colors, mostly soft and neutral like black, blue, and white and he combines the cool with the warm (red) to give a sense of union. You can see theapostles having their last piece of food.

2) Analysis:
This painting has design qualities such as: balance in space, it is a symmetric balance since there are the same forms in each half of thepainting. There is also emphasis in the hue, because the figure of Jesus is highlighted in more light colors (blue and grey), we see mostly blue, orange, brown and some white; trying to emphasis thatthe person in the middle is the most important; it is called the focal point, since he is in the center and you can tell he gives directions. On the other hand there is harmony in the shape/form of thepeople since they are all the same size and they have real life proportions. Last talking about the background of the picture you can tell that there is rhythm in the lines since there are allhorizontal and vertical they follow the same pattern in color using the same hues and harmony, because when you look at the painting it gives you a feeling of peacefulness.

3) Interpretation:
Themeaning of this painting is to transmit the unity in the religious beliefs of all the apostles with their god. It gives us tranquil, peaceful, and stable emotions since there are all enjoying their lastsupper with their leader, and by the expression of Jesus. The idea is communicated by the softness of the colors and the isolation of the leader, which is Jesus, it gives emphasis to it to transmit thathe is in charge. The main symbol is the food since it represents the last meal they will have.

4) Judgment:
The painting is successful because overall it looks real giving the impression of...
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