Arte y cultura

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Homework #1
Art & Culture
Elements & Principles of Art

1.       Make a list of 3 artists (1 painter, 1 musician and 1 writer/poet) you admire or have heard of.2.       Visit the following websites so you can take a look of their works and read their biographies:
3.       Divide the info you just researched into these 2 categories and complete the following chart:
Artist Name and Profession | Special skills (genius, learn how to write at an early age, etc, medical studies, etc) | Distinctive attitudes or experiences (introverted, outgoing, was abused, etc.) |
1. Leonardo da Vincci, painter.     | 1. DaVinci was a highly creative artist, but also a very logical and precise engineer and scientist.2. He had a perfectly realistic study of human physiology and technical detail, so his paintings werevery realistic. | 1. He used different techniques to paint, like sfumato, which is a method of laying down paint in layers of glaze.2. Da Vinci inventions were diverse. He is credited with creating oneof the first primitive alarm clocks. |
2. Gabriel García Márquez, writer.      | 1. He learned how to write at 5 years old.2. He won the Literature Nobel prize in 1982, and he was the firstLatinoamerican person who did it.   | 1. He was very creative since he was a child, he always was writing.2. At the age of 13 he started writing short novels but no one thought he would be that famous.  |3. Michael Jackson, musician.      | 1. He started singing when he was 7 years old at the Jackson 5, a group with his brothers.2. He had a great skill at dance, and he created a new style of dancing. | 1. He was a very introverted person, he did lot of actions that many people criticized but the was the kind of person that doesn’t think before doing an action. 2. He was very generous with...