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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Joan Aguilar
ARTS 1301
Spring 2010
Professor Moseley
Art Review
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
This is the first time I visit an arts museum here in the United States and I must say theexperience was very enjoyable. My first impression of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was the Andy Warhol exhibition that is called “The Last Decade” and, as you can assume, it shows the last mostproductive works of his life.
Andy’s exhibition consists of approximately 55 artworks and every section of it has a different theme, from camouflage patterns, self portraits to pieces about “The lastsupper”, like the one he did on 1986, where you can appreciate two huge copies of daVinci’s last supper but with a yellow color base.
My favorite piece of the Warhol exhibition was the “Detail of theLast Supper (Christ 112 times)” made of acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas. Andy was a devout Catholic his entire life; I guess that’s why he presents so many pieces that are related to Christ andthat particular moment in history. What I like about this work is the arrangement of colors that creates a really nice image when you see all the little replicas together from a certain distance.However, it is also very interesting to analyze the details from every single image. The colors of the piece are yellow (primary color) and black, the face of Christ has a triangular shape and it has aflat texture. Of course it has unity because you can see the same image repeated 112 times. Although, I think it is a very simple and abstract piece because it lacks of symmetrical balance, it does nothave variety and it does not include emphasis.
After analyzing the museum artworks, below comes the detailed description of the piece I liked the most, even though, it does not belong to Warhol’sexhibition. The name of the piece is “The Brown Sisters” from Nicholas Nixon.
When it comes to describe this work, a lot of elements and principles of design can be explained such as unity,...
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