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arbitrary colors: colors used to communicate different feelings
optical colors: colors viewers actually see
pointallism:a technique in wich carefully placed dots create formspost-impressionism: an art movement that appeared after the impressionism
realism: a style of art in wich everyday scenes and events are painted as they actually look.

1. Name two leading postimpressionists:
*Paul Cezanne
*Vincent Van Gogh
2. What were the different solutions post impressionists found to the problem of impressionism
*composition and content
3.What was cezanne’s goal?
*to use different patches of color to create images
4. Who used arbitrary colors?
*Van Gogh
*Paul Gauguin
5. Why where the works of Thomas Eakins shunned duringhis lifetime?
*because he was too realistic and he refused to show his objects in a flattering light
6. What was the favourite subject of Winslow Homer?
*paintings that told stories
7. Name 4realistic artists:
*Tomas Eakings
*Einslow Homer
*Albert Pinkham Rider
*Mary Cassat
8. What kind of works did Alber Pinkham Rider created?
*dreamlike images
*he got his ideas fromliterature

Paul Cezanne
*leading Post Impressionist
*was a former impressionist
*emphasized composition
*used patches of color

Rober Henri
*Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
*Tomas Eakin’s fan*exhibited in the PAFA
*Married Linda Craig
*impressionist and post impressionist

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
*post impressionist
* had an accident, painted during recovery
*painted brothelsVincent Van Gogh
*used arbitrary colors
*focused on content
*leading post impressionist
*painted: paris portaits sel portaits and flowers
*suffered from epylepsia

Thomas Eakins
*realistic artist*he didn’t used flattering light
*Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

George Bellows
*realistic painter
*Robert Henri student
*crude paintings about chaos and social classes

George Seurat...
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