Articulo de procesos industriales

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  • Publicado : 2 de noviembre de 2011
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The Passage of the society to the next millennium is characterized by the globalization in all scopes and only those nations with real competitive advantages. Anauthentic competitiveness will have insured a space of privilege in the world-wide concert. In essence, the competitiveness aims to generate and to expand the capacities necessary to sustain to theeconomic growth within a picture of increasing globalization and internationalization. In these capacities, the enabled human resources, the scientific and technological infrastructure, and the enterprisestructure is elements nouns. Additionally, the competitiveness idea also includes the necessity of alliances, to recognize that single we will not be able to construct to a competitiveness “authentic"that difference of “emporia" to be this one supported in the low wages and the depredation of the natural resources. Whatever the definition of Engineering, it includes phrases like: "for benefit ofhombre" , ". of application utile" and " application of sciences to the common intentions of life". Also, in the measurement that the development model improvement and/or modifies substantially, thepaper of engineering and, also, of the Engineer, one modifies in the same measurement. In fact, engineering as it disciplines is ligature to the evolution of basic sciences and their relation withapplied sciences and during long time first was developed far from second. Today in, day this one is not the situation and every time the distance between science is shorter and technology, between basicscience and applied science. The scientific research is source of new knowledge that are constituted in new products, processes or services, always to the benefit of the man. Engineering establishesa bridge between basic sciences and social and human sciences by means of the construction of a technological system. Engineering is fundamental factor in the construction of competitive advantages...
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