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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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(two childhood friends are on the street ...)
jose: Gonzalo?
gonzalo: if? Who are you? Do you know?
jose: yes, I'm jose luis remember yourfriend from school
gonzalo: oh forget it clear as my good friend Jose, ah how do you go?
jose: tell me how have you been?
gonzalo: super good wifeand I have a job at a telephone company and you?
jose: ja, um well I still do not I have a partner, but still I am happy and working at a localpizza
gonzalo: we have much to talk about something in a hurry and I invite you to my house after work to talk
jose: I'll be good
gonzalo: bye takecare
jose: bye your equal, we
(After working in the house of Gonzalo ...)
Jose knocks on the door, Gonzalo will open the door to jose
gonzalo: hello! passes
jose: permission, that nice house you have
gonzalo: thanks
jose: tell me something
Gonzalo: Well, you remember theday you miss class and bother me
jose: yes, if I remember
gonzalo: lack of good loose then never get sick or anything
and jose gonzalo:jajajajaja
jose: they're lazy and I thought you were sick, I miss a day because I knew nothing for the test
gonzalo: haha so here I am not the only onewho lied ah
jose: hehe
Gonzalo: Well look you want to show you my house
jose: good
(Jose and Gonzalo are removed)
(Gonzalo and Jose again)jose: Well we spent the whole night ah hablandos, I'll see you
gonzalo: okay, bye, take care we are in contact
jose: bye your equal cuidate
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