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1ª. Asesoría para papás KINDER I
Look! Look!
Look ¡look!
Look at the book!(r)
Look at the girl,the girl,the girl.(r)
Look! Look at the girl.
Look! Look! (r /boy, teacher,school)

How are you?
Hello,teacher,how are you? I’m fine thank you.
I’m fine thank you. Teacher,teacher,we love you.
Hello Lily (Dan),how areyou? Children,children I love you.

Hello,my friend
Hello,hello,hello my friend I’m Lily (Dan).
What’s your name? I’m Lily (Dan)
What’s your name? Goodbye,Lily (Dan)
Hello,hello,hello my friend Goodbye Lily(Dan)
What’s your name? Goodbye,goodbye,goodbye.

Look at my classroom
Look at my classroom,look at my school. Look atthe pencil,look at the book.
Look at the board and look at the chair Look at the backpack on the hook.

Clean up the classroom
Clean up,clean up,put the things away. Clean up,clean up,put the things away.(r)
Look at the pencils.Put them away.(r) (books,crayons)

Red and yellow
Red and yellow, Red and yellow
Green andblue, Green and blue
Green and blue, Teddy,Teddy, I love you.
Green and blue, (r/car,car I love you)

May I go to the bathroom?
May I go to the bathroom,please?(r)
Yes, you may.(r) You may go to the bathroom.Yes, you may.USEFUL EXPRESSIONS
Stand up,sit down
Open your books
What’s your name? I’m....
How are you?
I’m fine
Thank you
I love you
What’s this? It’s a .......
Point to the....
Clean up
Put the things away
It’s my......
What color is it? It’s....
It’s a red(blue,yellow,green)circle(square,triangle)
May I go to the bathroom,please?
Close your eyes.
Go to sleep

1a. Asesoría para papás KINDER II

What do you see?
What do you see? I see a frog and a butterfly.
I see a flower and a bee. I see a lizard running by.
I see a ladybug on a flower. (r all )

Knock,knock,(r) (repeat with hang up your backpack and
May I come in?(r) sit down,sit downquietly,please)
Yes,you may(r)
Hang up your coat,please,
Hang up your coat.

Hello,my friend.
Hello,my friend,how are you? Hello,my friend,I’m fine,thank you.
How are you? (r) I´m fine,thank you.(r)
Hello,my friend,how are you? Hello, my friend,I’m fine,thank you.
How are you today? I’m fine thank you,today.

How many books are there?
How many books are there?(r)one,two,three,four,five.hey!
There are three books ,one,two,three.(r) (r with rulers/four rulers, markers/five markers)

How old are you?
How old are you?I’m five. (repeat with I’m four)
One,two,three,foue,five Happy birthday!
(clap or jump five times) Happy birthday!
I’m five. Happy birthday to you!

He has trucks
He has trucks. One,two
He has trucks. (r with Shehas dolls/seven,He has balls/eight.)

Put the toys way
Put the balls in the blue box, (r with dolls/yellow,robots/red and trucks/green)
Put them away,(r)

What’s this?It’s a...
What’s your name?I’m...
Stand up/sit down
What do you see?I see a...
May I come in?
Hang up your sweater,please.
What color is it?
How are you?
I’m fine
Thank you
Is ita..?Yes,it is?/No,it isn’t.
Find and circle the...
How many....are there?
There’s/There are
It’s a (color)(object).It’s a blue book.
How old are you?I’m...
Close your...
I see (number)(object).I see five clocks.
Where’s the ...?It’s in(on)the...
He (she) has a...
Put the..
Open your...

Profra.Gabriela Mendoza
English Department