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Unit 2 Part A: A map of my town
Unit: Skill: Focus: Unit 2 Part A Listening Prepositions of place Vocabulary: town 15 minutes Print out the My Town map onthe Student's sheet and make a copy for each student. • Distribute the map and allow students time to look at it. Read out the names of the roads. Tell them: The church is on the corner of Park Streetand Church Street. Explain that you are going to tell them the names of all the buildings on the map by describing their location. They should write the correct name in each building. Read the textbelow once, slowly and clearly, pausing for two or three seconds at the end of each sentence. If necessary, repeat each sentence. Check that all students are attempting the task. When you've read thetext once, let the students check their map with a partner. Read the text second time and give them time to make any corrections. Finally, name a building and ask individual students to say wherethat building is.

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The bank is in Park Street, next to the church ... and the café is next to the bank. The museum is on the corner ofChurch Street. The supermarket is next to the museum on Park Street. The bookshop is opposite the café on Park Street. Opposite the supermarket is the post office ... and next to the post office isthe art gallery. The hotel is on the corner of East Road next to the art gallery. The Italian restaurant is in East Road, opposite the school. The cinema is on the corner of East Road, next to thebookshop. The pub is next to the church on Church Street.

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Classroom Activities
Student’s sheet

Unit2 Part A: A map of my town
Hören Sie und tragen Sie die Namen der Gebäude ein!


Park Street


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East Road

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