Asterisk dialplan

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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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Asterisk Dialplan Introduction
Introducing Contexts and Extensions
The Dialplan constists of collection of contexts. These contextdefinitions are the most important part of the extensions.conf file and are the most important part of Asterisk configuration. A context is just a collection of extensions. Here is a diagrammaticrepresentation (i.e. not something you'd type into your extensions.conf file!) of a simple example context: Context "default": Extension Description 101 Mark Spencer 102 Wil Meadows 103 Greg Vance 104Check voicemail 105 Conference Room 0 Operator In this example context, which has been given the name "default", the first three extensions (101 to 103) all would be associated with ringing phonesbelonging to various employees. The fourth extension (104) would be associated with allowing someone to check their voicemail. The fifth extension (105) would be associated with a conference room. Finally,the "0" extension would be associated with the operator. Here is another simple example of a context: Context "mainmenu": Extension Description s Welcome message and instructions 1 Sales 2 Support 3Accounting 9 Directory # Hangup This example context, given the name "mainmenu", has only single-digit extensions. The "s" extension is the start extension, where the caller begins. This extension wouldplay a message along the lines of "Thank you for calling OurCompany. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for accounting, 9 for a company directory, or # to hangup." Each menu option is, in fact, anextension and could either dial someone's real extension or could do something like sending the caller to another menu. Contexts can be used to implement a number of important features including:Security: Permit long distance calls from certain phones only Routing: Route calls based on extension Autoattendant: Greet callers and ask them to enter extensions Multilevel menus: Menus for sales,...