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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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How an atomic bomb works?

Nuclear Bombs have been part of the armery of a country long time ago. We have always heard of the atomic bombs used in World War II and about the Hiroshima bomb. In theHiroshima Bomb, 90.000 persons died in that moment, and in the Nagasaki 70.000 persons, as we see they are extremely powerful and destructive.But how do they work?

First we have to understandwhat nuclear fission is. Nuclear fission is a process of splitting a nucleus into two nuclei with smaller masses, being a large amount of energy released. This is can only be done with elements, that arematals, and that are radioactive. An element is radioactive when the strong force (what causes protons and neutrons to be attracted to the nucleus) is not large enoguh to hold the nucleus together,and the nucleus gives off a neutron and energy. When the neutron is released, it hets a fissionable nucleus, which splits appart into two, each of these, release one neutron. In this process energy isreleased from the fissionable nucleus. And later this 2 neutrons and the first one, continue heating 3 another fisionable nuclei, and the procces is repeated. This is what ios called a chain reaction,the ongoing series of fission reactions.

When the atomic bomb is falling from the airplane, there are 43 seconds, where the chain reaction happens. The chain reaction is started by the firemecancy. Later the uranium bullet is fired down an tunnel into the uraniuma atom, they strart a nuclear chain reaction, where solid matter becomes to come appart, releasing an uncountable amount of energy,when it gets to the Earth, after the 43 sec, finished. Delivering its destruction in stages, the flash came from a giant fire ball of 300metrs wide. Temperatures directly below the fire ball areabout 400,000ºC.

The heat rays leave shadows where there were persons. Anyone in the open air is eighther vaporized of turned into carbon in an instant. At the same time the infrared radiation and...
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